I began my love affair with gardening as a very young girl while helping my grandmother tend to her beautiful flower gardens. Looking back I remember hoping that one day I would create a garden of my own. In the last 20 years I have been designing, building, cultivating and maintaining that dream garden here in Hudson Valley. The combination of physical work along with a fulfilling visual results, all while working in the outdoors, caused me to steer my career away from my nine-to-five desk IT job  into the direction of gardening.
At this point, what I do best, is help others make their Gardens better buy a combination of hard work, artistic touch and vision in deadheading and pruning of small trees and shrubs, and in some general garden design suggestions.

I also volunteered for a season at the Stonecrop Gardens (Cold Spring, NY) and have benefited from the rare opportunity of working alongside their talented and very experienced horticulturists.