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Olga's GardeningOct 14, 2019 @ 9:21am
time of the year when sun lights the background nicely #mygarden
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Olga's GardeningOct 6, 2019 @ 7:34am
Bulb planting time is here as our night temperature stays in 40, and still some left to divide and move pernnials like irises, peonies and astilbes etc.. And to buy and plant new perennials and shrubs on end of season sales all around. They need few weeks to establish before killing frosts. Plant, mulch and water.!
Ps Cortlandt town center Home Depot in Peekskill started to have their 50% off all shrubs, trees, roses, seedums and some perennials. they still have a pretty nice selection left as of yesterday. (bigger and more diverse inventory comparing to a Fishkill location )... and speaking of sales, in a few weeks all Home Depots will be getting rid of all their bulbs at half price as well. and you can plant them well into November for most cases.
Olga's Gardening
Olga's Gardening is in Saratoga Springs, New York.Sep 8, 2019 @ 9:05pm
Saratoga Springs, New York
Nice garden installation at the entrance to Saratoga Performance Art Center
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Olga's GardeningAug 19, 2019 @ 9:32pm
Moss weeding, before and after. best meditation in action 🙂
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Olga's GardeningAug 4, 2019 @ 7:48pm
last whole week was a bad poison ivy week - multiple accidental "contacts" on multiple client's sites and as a "grand finale" today at my own home in an overgrown area I tried to weed (it didn't have it few months ago!). Rash already starting in multiple spots despite all my attempts to bath in techno. I guess I got less careful, as I didn't have it in couple of months despite daily gardening work 🙁 Its not going to be fun for a few weeks straight while it is healing. oh well. one of the sides of gardening work. no matter how i avoid it, its everywhere around here.
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Olga's GardeningJul 9, 2019 @ 10:51pm
lilies ...